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We do speak English… and Chinese, so fell free to speak with us.

Computer Torrez began as a project for the promotion, development and use of appropriate technologies in various companies in the Panamanian market since 2005. By 2011 our vision was restructured to provide web development, social network administration and continue to participate in advanced projects that require the advice and experience in technology administration.

By 2014 we managed to break the boundaries expanding our number of workers and service coverage, with programmers in China and Panama; also that year we have created websites using outsourcing scheme for companies in the United States and Europe.

In 2015 we established and trained new staff to expand the production capacity to build more websites for Panama, Latin America and the World, the growth of the mobile market pushed us to upgrade several of our websites to a Responsive Technology.

By 2016 we approached the Internet as an Online Strategy to help our customers, a new set of Search Engine Optimization technologies, Content Management development and Social Media integration are now part of it’s growing expertise.

For this 2017 we are integrating Online Business Development as part of the expansion for our Online Strategy approach.
We have earned the respect, acceptance and trust of many customers who perceive us: as friends and allies in their various endeavors.

We do and maintain web sites

With the big picture in mind, we develop a web strategy that brings you closer to a fulfilled vision.

Custom design

Our style is clean, uncluttered, and steeped in the principals of design. We believe that every client is distinct, every project unique, and we testify this within our portfolio. For us is important to cover what is more important: move your clients closer to you by enriching content, doing a data flow chart, enhancing principal sections such as the way to contact you, know your product or services, or the main key aspects of what you offer.

Responsive design

You know that most of your clients are now looking for you or your competitors online, and most of them are using their cellphones, tablets or iPads; these represent a growing market that right now superposes the 35%. What about being ready for this? Just give us the task to make your web site “Responsive” so your clients will read in clear letters what you offer them and how to contact you, without making them zoom-in-out or loosing important areas of your web site. This is why we design and build websites that fit the screens your clients use.

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